I am a Certified Coach specializing in stress management and life trauma who will guide you in creating a fulfilling life you love!

The struggle is real…


Are memories of events in life keeping you from all you can achieve?


Are you struggling with debilitating memories that limit your potential?


Do you have dreams and goals that are sabotaged because of past experiences?


Are you constantly stressed out and wondering if you are on the right track?

Then You Need a Memory Makeover…

A Memory Makeover is a unique and innovative method using a patent pending technique to help you change the way you associate to your memories in a positive powerful way.

“Life is an inside job.~Gary Sinclair

Hi. I’m Annelise, and I help individuals like you fall in love with who you are on the inside so that you become the person you desire to be.

By focusing on yourself and creating a new energy for the things you want, everything gets a lot easier. Things flow. You find yourself allowing what you want to happen. Just. Like. That.

Because what you don’t think is possible – Can absolutely be done. 

I’ll help you redesign your life and restore your future.

And there’s no substitute for the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing the thing you were sure you couldn’t.


4 Steps to Banish Limiting Beliefs So You Can Go from Dreaming to DOING!


Are limiting beliefs and negative self-talk preventing you from going after your dreams?  

This guide will help you banish limiting beliefs, create clarity around your actions, and start creating the life you desire.

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