Want to be FREE from anxiety and stress?

Let’s start by freeing your mind.

You are swept with feelings of anxiety.  You feel engulfed in stress that paralyzes you from achieving what you really want.

You want freedom: a life lived on your own terms with the flexibility to choose clients instead of feeling an overwhelming fear that dictates your every breath.

Maybe you know wanting isn’t enough. It’s not the same as actually having the relief you desire to truly achieve your life goals!  Yet, every approach you’ve taken doesn’t equate to the relief, the confidence, the courage you yearn for.  An unknown force still makes every dream feel – well – unattainable.

Because you’ve tried the traditional methods to overcome anxiety. You’ve struggled for years to overcome memories of your past and can’t get it out of your life.  Heck, you’ve probably spent thousands of hours reliving your past, hoping for a better future.

Here’s what I know:

Anxiety, stress and worry are debilitating and can stop you in your tracks.  They keep you in a state of fear.  You may be masking to the world what you want them to see but on the inside you are being eaten alive.  Because STRESS KILLS.


It’s time for you to start paving the way to happiness and relieving the stress in your life by clearing the negative energy and emotions connected to memories of yesterday.


Energetic clearings and mindset shifts produce incremental moves toward every wish.

When you are clear from negative energy of the past, the controlling influences of others, and connected to your heart, you are free to be YOU and truly LOVE living!

I’m Annelise Woitulewicz, a Memory Makeover Mentor and Dream Instigator who helps women get relief from anxiety caused by the stress of life trauma so they can achieve their goals, love themselves and create a life they love!

For twenty years, I had a job I loved until I didn’t. Even though I was great at what I did, I realized that it no longer lit me up and the fear and guilt held me hostage until I realized that I have a natural gift for changing deeply ingrained beliefs– beginning with myself.


I’ve lost over 100 pounds (…. and may have gained some of that back…. life is a journey after all), beat cancer and completed a grueling Ironman challenge and those experiences taught me that absolutely ANYTHING is possible. And once you embrace this fact? You become unstoppable.

Your Mind Is Your Most Valuable Asset

I create joy everywhere, in everything.

And, I so badly want that for every woman I work with. I truly believe the mind is the most powerful asset we have in creating the life we desire. Now that I’ve mastered my own mind, I want to help you master yours.

Limiting beliefs? They’ll stop you dead in your tracks. Negative thoughts? They equate to limitations, holding yourself back, feeling stuck and living in the past.

If you’ve tried everything but haven’t cleared the negative energy that you’ve absorbed from others and of the past, what you’ve done isn’t aligned with who YOU are as your whole higher self.

You don’t need to try different tactics or give up on your dreams. Instead, we have to clear the negative emotions tied to memories of the past.  Then we can debunk the limiting beliefs holding you back from believing the answers you need are already within you.

I want you to know you are enough.

And, to help you see how much you’ve accomplished by virtue of loving yourself from the inside out.

You can have everything you want.  You can be and do and see what you once thought impossible, once you move beyond the stories of your past and fully step into the spotlight of your future!

Don’t think you can do it?

You’ve already made it further than most people by reading thus far.

With a few simple shifts, you’ll have the life that was your birthright: the one that fills you up and refuses to let fear, anxiety or stress tear you down.

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4 Steps to Banish Limiting Beliefs So You Can Go from Dreaming to DOING!


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