Choose IT Now: Appreciate, Love, Be Happy and Proud TODAY

CHOOSE “IT” NOW! It is the start of a new year and I know that many of you are focused on health goals so please hear this message…….. Appreciate, love, enjoy and be happy with yourself wherever you are right now. There is no need to wait until...

Your Life GPS

Having a life GPS gives you direction in knowing what is most important to you, where you want to go and the legacy you want to leave behind. You can’t get to a destination if you haven’t made a decision on where that is. You flounder around like a fish...
Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Don’t shoot the messenger! Instead, ask yourself what you can do to relieve stress. You likely already know some things you can do and simply need to do them. Isn’t it funny how we make simple DIFFICULT and yet want more simplicity? Ironic, eh? STRESS...


Where does anxiety come from? Life trauma causes Stress. Stress leads to Anxiety. Anxiety leads to __________________. (fill in your blank!) Stop pretending! Life trauma is big, is small, and everything in between. Sometimes, there is a tendency to brush it under the...


4 Steps to Banish Limiting Beliefs So You Can Go from Dreaming to DOING!


Are limiting beliefs and negative self-talk preventing you from going after your dreams?  

This guide will help you banish limiting beliefs, create clarity around your actions, and start creating the life you desire.

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