It is the start of a new year and I know that many of you are focused on health goals so please hear this message……..

Appreciate, love, enjoy and be happy with yourself wherever you are right now. There is no need to wait until you get to your destination.

You get to choose to love yourself exactly as you are now.
You get to choose happiness today.
You get to choose to appreciate yourself right now.
You get to choose to be proud of where you are today.

During my weight loss the past few months, I’ve seen and heard comments about how much happier I must be or how I look happier, etc….

The truth is, I was happy before. I loved myself as much 5 months ago as I do today.

I was happy several months ago and happy today.

I appreciated myself as much earlier this year as I do now.

I was as proud of my life journey in May as I am now in January.

My new body does not reflect any of those things.

Of course, I’m ecstatic about my journey, my progress!

I love that I fit into smaller clothes, I can cross my legs easily, I have healed the pain I was feeling on a daily basis, I am overall healthier and much more! These are all awesome and amazing!

These are not things that define my self-love, happiness, self-worth, pride, self-appreciation.

If you are on a journey of personal growth, or body transformation, please don’t wait until you reach it to feel what you want to feel! You will deprive yourself of so much until you get there.

Instead, CHOOSE all the good feels now!

No matter what.

It’s ok to love your rolls.
It’s ok to be happy despite the scale.
It’s ok to appreciate your body even when it hurts.
It’s ok to be proud of yourself when you desire to be different.

When I look back at my photos from earlier this year, I don’t look at them and think about how unhappy I was.

Don’t assume change is needed to be who you want to be on the inside. You GET TO CHOOSE to be all that you want RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

So go look in the mirror, thank your body, tell yourself you love you, be proud of the journey that brought you to where you are now and be happy with who you are!

Then…… take the actions to continue on your journey so that you can really create the transformation you want. I promise you, without all the negative self-talk and self-loathing……it will be a much more pleasurable experience.

Much love and peace to you!