Don’t shoot the messenger! Instead, ask yourself what you can do to relieve stress.

You likely already know some things you can do and simply need to do them.

Isn’t it funny how we make simple DIFFICULT and yet want more simplicity? Ironic, eh?


Here are some easy ways that I know of to reduce stress…

BREATHE. Did I mention to BREATHE? 3 deep breaths can do wonders!

LOVE more! Unconditionally. Love yourself. Love others. Be love. Be loved. Be loving.💞

FORGIVE. Who do you need to forgive? Yourself perhaps? Someone else? Feel stress melt away when you allow forgiveness in.

MEDITATE. It doesn’t have to be long or follow any rules other than your own rules. Connect within and allow yourself to just be. Whether it’s a 2-minute silent meditation, 10 minutes of gentle music or an hour facilitated meditation doesn’t matter. Whatever works for YOU!

SLEEP more. Miracle drug.
EXERCISE. Miracle drug.
Get into NATURE. Miracle drug.
WATER. Drink more.

JUST SAY NO. What are you saying yes to that is out of alignment with who you are?

JUST SAY YES. Where in your life are you saying no, when what you really desire is a YES?

Everything in life is choice, and this includes stress. Set up your life so that you feel more joy and less stress. Do you even know what that might feel like?

If you like to journal, sit down and journal the answer out on paper. What would you like to feel instead? What would you be doing to make yourself feel that way? How does feeling that way improve your relationships with others? What other feelings would you like to feel more of?

You can start with small baby steps. Maybe today you will take three deep breaths each time you recognize you are feeling uneasy, a tightness, shallow breathing, and muscle tension, or whatever way your body lets you know you are feeling stress.

There are simple steps to relieve stress but you MUST choose to DO them.

When you are more connected to your heart and your whole higher self, you are more connected to ease and less likely to experience high levels of stress.

You can connect to your heart by living day to day in alignment with your higher purpose, your values and what is important to you. More on living in alignment coming up. 

For now…..

Choose JOY over stress and take simple steps to squeeze stress out of your life!


Love you to life my friend!

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