“Before Restoration I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by life, not really sure exactly how to get back to feeling ME again. Through a series of life events, I let my mindset and self care fall to the wayside. Enter Annelise and Restoration. Throughout the course of 2 days, Annelise held the space for me to facilitate massive growth in my life. Letting go of every negative memory in my past and shifting the focus to how I want to feel rather than how I had been feeling has left me lighter than I’ve felt in quite some time. Not only am I now able to move through tough, trying moments with grace and ease, I am finding myself less reactive to those around me. Putting myself first and truly LOVING myself again has proven to be the exact shift I’ve been CRAVING for entirely too long and I couldn’t be more excited for what will unfold from all of this work in the coming weeks and months! Annelise was the catalyst for massive shifts in my energy and my being. She provided a supportive, loving and safe environment to facilitate the change that comes from doing this work and I truly couldn’t be more appreciative for the work she’s doing and the support she’s provided me, before, during and after.”

~ Jen V.

I went through the 2 day Restoration class with Annelise and definitely recommend Restoration because it feels soooo complete. The biggest shocker for me is that I am left with a feeling that there is nothing left to do but maintenance. It feels like it really did deal with all, even more than I could imagine needing to do. I was able clean out, clear out, process, let go of all the crap from the past.

In the very beginning I had a big reaction to something that I didn’t feel like I needed to deal with and thought it was put behind me. But it wasn’t obviously. It brought up things that hadn’t really been dealt with yet. Later in the second day, when doing the integration from my whole life, it really completed the process for me. It was like clearing the cob webs. THE spring cleaning. Only it was complete.

There were parts of the process where I didn’t need to know what the stuff was I was clearing and it didn’t matter. I just knew that everything was getting done.

I usually take things so far and don’t finish. I was hand held through the process so I didn’t have a choice. I had to finish because you were there holding me accountable to DO it, leading me through the hole thing. I finally feel like I definitely got it done this time. It feels so much more complete! It was just good, so good!  Thank you for taking me through this 2 day Restoration!

~ Shannon S.

Everyday for 11 years I would cry over an event until Annelise shared Soul Link with me. I tried to think about it after, and I would start to choke up and then boom, it went right away. It has now been several weeks and the memory is no longer a problem. I am not even sure what to say. It’s awesome! I almost feel like a detox, it’s such a weird feeling. Thank you for giving me the memory with no pain.

~ Lisa V.


In one hour she got it!!!!!! Annelise understood and gave me CLARITY about ‘my’ WHY!!!! She gave me a tool that propelled my passion for what I do into another dimension of unshakable belief about a greatness within that deserves to shine! Since that moment, doors have swung open like never before. Having clarity has had great impact on even my most in$mate rela$onships too! (Even my hubby scheduled a WHY session and it’s helped our marriage tremendously in understanding each other. SO COOL!!!!!!) Annelise, as I said to you last week….I will never stop saying ‘THANK YOU!’ I am forever grateful the stars aligned and brought you to me!

`Abby Greer

I just have to talk this lady up.  Today, I got on Skype with the freakin’ phenomenal (and selfless and well-versed) Annelise Woitulewicz, and the woman BLEW MY FRICKIN’ MIND with her work around my core motivation.

No, not the “why” that we always talk about as business owners (which is important, don’t get me wrong), but the deep, unchanging river of meaning that runs through my entire life.

It colors E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I’m only just now breaking into what i means for me, about how it’s shown up in my past, and just how it flows in and through my business plan, but… wow, ya’ll.  Magic, magic, magic.

Katie M.

I had to share the most awesome an amazing breakthrough Annelise helped me with in an exercise that helped align my purpose with my goals called the Purpose Walk.

When we got up into the higher levels like Beliefs, Identity and then Purpose – WHAM! It was all there for me to see and feel.  MOST IMPORTANTLY what I really wanted was clarity in my brand, specifically what MORE really is and what the change is I’m trying to affect in the world. This exercise created a flood of ideas and after a year I finally feel like things have clicked into place.

THANK YOU Annelise for being there for me to help me create my MORE.

~ Melissa Wilhelm, Moreseekers. com

Techniques taught by Annelise Woitulewicz during the Restoration intensive workshop did an amazing job of neutralizing past emotions and feelings associated with bad memories and hurtful situations. Suddenly, I can look back at the traumatic events I focused on during the session which used to evoke guilt, sadness and pain with a sense of unemotional detachment I didn’t possess before. Soul link and other tools help you alleviate simple stressors that might otherwise send you into a tailspin. They also help reign you in and provide a means to channel any anger, cattiness, and negativity you may be leaning toward. The exercises are great as they help redirect negative ways you may views specific tasks and turn them into positive things you want to do.

~ Karin R., Small Business Owner, Michigan


Knowing my “Why” was like taking a breath of fresh air. It helped me understand “why” I show up in the way I do in my relationships, business and all major life zones. It was like a missing piece to a puzzle. It brought an understanding to some outcomes in the past and a renewed sense of permission for me to show more fully as myself with confidence. Just as I received clarity on the strengths of my “why,” I also am reminded of what the challenges can be. This is helping me avoid pitfalls in the future in both my professional and personal life. This was definitely an “Ah-ha” experience for me and it I noticed an impact almost immediately. Its provided a new lens on all of my rela<onships. I can’t stop sharing this with people!

Annelise is such a gifted coach. She comes to the table with many natural gifts and she has immersed herself into so many training experiences. I am grateful for working with such a compassionate and skilled coach. The day I discovered my “Why” was the beginning of an important shift for me.

~ Julia Curry, juliacurry.com


Working with you has been a god-send.  Thank you!  Our sessions provided me with pragmatic tools I can apply to my everyday life. I appreciate and value the time and effort you put into customizing our sessions to address the issues I have been struggling with. I experienced several Ah-Ha moments as a result of the exercises and coaching you provided.
You have been blessed with a sacred gift.  I know this because you made me feel safe and unconditionally supported.  You were consistently patient, compassionate and invested in my well-being.  Finding you was blessing that only God could have orchestrated.  The work you are doing is important and meaningful.  You are sharing your light and empowering others to see their own.
—J. Mickala Kai

Annelise’s coaching has been very powerful healing in my process of inner exploration of excavating the parts of myself that have lay dormant waiting to be free.  with Annelise’s help, I discovered new parts of myself and am making connections to heal the ‘disconnect’.  I was able to release old stuck and unwanted beliefs and emotions through our work together.  She used a technique that was so powerful that I felt my entire body respond and let go.  I feel more energized and relaxed.  Overall, I feel more balanced, optimistic and happy.  The “AHA” moments keep coming!

~ Susan G.

I used Soul Link on my worst memory (10), one I’ve had for over 40 years. It reduced to a 6, I forgave the person I needed to. On the next round of Soul Link, it was neutralized. I know the event happened but now I don’t remember the details and the charge or emotion of it no longer exists.

~Lorri K.

Annelise helped me to view my life and circumstances through a different set of lenses.  Consulting with her helped me shift my mind and thoughts.  When we started, I thought I was stuck.  I thought I was trapped in professional circumstances that were not serving me personally.  When my thoughts shifted to “I can.  And, I am free”, everything changed.  I began to manifest good stuff.  I changed my own circumstances.  I am still on my journey to my true self.  Annelise kick started it for me.  Now I am heading somewhere good.

~ Tamara Campbell-Burns


Annelise is by far one of the best presenters I have ever had.  She has the ability to provide you with a wealth of knowledge in a language entire audience can understand.  Her carefree interactive style is easy to follow and makes learning fun!

Dori Baldwin


“I’ve always led a rather purposeful life and until I met Annelise I’d never taken the time to understand the underlying desire that drove my dreams and how I went about creating the life that made them possible. In one short, laser-like session she masterfully dialed into my core “why”, and my “how”. For me, it wasn’t astonishing or amazing, it was comforting and supportive. Knowing this simple driving force behind everything I want and do has guided me in making swiKer decisions, helped me to trust my intuition in a more powerful way, and made sense of ideas that previously seemed rather far-fetched. Annelise’s “get down to business approach” coupled with her innate desire to truly and honestly empower people with their WHY makes her an amazing asset in your personal and professional growth.”

~ Mel

Annelise is my angel. I’m an outdoors nature girl. I’m not a daredevil, but I like the challenges surfing, skiing, trail running, biking, etc., give me. While surfing in Tahiti last year and I got in over my head, and since then haven’t been able to surf anything over 1-2ft. Not so fun for a girl who lives 6-blocks from some of the best surfing in the country. Annelise’s approach and guidance with Soul Link has literally changed my life. I have not even yet begun to address the severe PTSD memories and I’m already more comfortable in the water, surfing bigger waves, in harsher conditions than even Tahiti. I’m excited to see what happens when I actually start working on the ”big stuff”. I feel like my whole life is ahead of me. If it wasn\’t or Annelise and the Soul Link technique I wouldn’t be able to take a 3-week surfing trip of a lifetime to the Maldives. Forever grateful!


In the last 3 months I had the privilege to know Annelise as know my why coach. In this coaching Annelise has impressed me with her honest desire to help others. The why discovery session has helped me to identify issues that have stood in the way of my life and business success and she assisted me in developing new techniques for working around or through these issues. Knowing my why is a huge nugget that has helped me in with what I say in addition to the coaching that helped me with the right self-talk.

~Paul Maroki

I was really able to get a handle on how to handle life’s curveballs.  As a result, I feel more confident and hopeful for what the future holds for me.  I am much better at taking a negative thought and reframing it to make a positive.  I actually feel comfortable in the present moment now!  You have given me the tools to keep this positive flow going.  I still say my confirmations out loud every morning, very affirming!  I would tell anyone who is struggling with negative thoughts to take a class from you!

~ Cheryl Knapp, Teacher

I had a session with Annelise towards the end of November and was worried about hitting my monthly revenue goal. I wondered where the money was going to come from and stressing. With Annelise’s coaching, I was able to see that I had my manifesting wires crossed. I had one $$ amount written on my tracking sheet and an entirely different $$ amount written on my pink stickies that I have by my computer. She helped me get really clear about why I “needed” that amount? What was I going to use it for? She made me realize that money needs a purpose, a direction, a place to go. Once I was able to articulate exactly how I would use the money, I made my revenue goal within a week! Because of Annelise, I approach my revenue goals with so much more clarity and ease. Thank you Annelise.

Christian Marie Herron


I had an incredibly busy week, late nights every evening, and I was dreading today. We had recently spent a lot of time creating our strategic plan, and I thought this was going to be a repeat.  However, the WHY Workshop, was a blast.   I wasn’t even tempted to check my email at all and was engaged all day.  Annelise helped our team to marry our strategic plan, communications plan, and our advertising campaign.

Leann Hedke

I highly recommend Annelise for coaching services. I have released the fears, the doubt and anxiety I had before working with her. With her huge levels of support and tools that she taught me, I now have the confidence and belief in myself and no longer feel stuck. I have a new sense of clarity on what is possible for my future!

Julie Harper


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