Stress Managment – Life Trauma – Self-love – Life Fulfillment

Memory Energy Therapy

(Restoration, Soul Link and Awareness in Consciousness)


Online Video conference or in person.

Learn how to clear negative memories in seconds and use other useful tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life when anxiety, stress or negative situations arise.


Restore your life and re-design your future!

A powerful in person workshop designed to connect you with your heart and release you from the control of negative energy and thoughts.


Soul Link Class



Workshop for a small group of 1-5 where you will learn how to heal memories in seconds using Soul Link!

A perfect appetizer to Restoration!

Private Coaching Packages



Full-day of Coaching to discover your why and get you unstuck with a clear path to a future full of success!



Customized 4-month program will help get you on the path to limitless possibilities and true happiness!



Do you want the best of both worlds? You’ll get all the support of the 4-month program PLUS a full VIP day of coaching!


Customized Coaching and Plans Also Available Based on Need



Complimentary Discovery Call


4 Steps to Banish Limiting Beliefs So You Can Go from Dreaming to DOING!


Are limiting beliefs and negative self-talk preventing you from going after your dreams?  

This guide will help you banish limiting beliefs, create clarity around your actions, and start creating the life you desire.

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